Friday, May 15, 2009

Blue Berry Gap Farm

I sadly can not particiapte in Kelly's Tour of houses, as this friday the room they are showing off are guest bedrooms.... we do not have a guest bedroom. At one time we had three, but now we have three kiddos. Our house actually has 5 bedrooms, which we never in our wildest dreams thought we would fill with three kids, but hey. The last bedroom started out as our office, and has since been turned into my craft room which I don't see much of anymore but it exhists. I also don't do much crafts once it gets nice out because who wants to be cooped up when the sun is shining? If anyone sleeps at our house now we do have a lovely air mattress for them to sleep on.

I have had a few bad days and a day home with the kids and husband today was just what I needed. Dave and I spent some quality time with Rachel and Emily while Laura was at school, and then after we picked her up we all went to Blue Berry Gap Farm in Hampton to see the animals and play on the playground. It's a pretty cute little place. Not a ton of animals, but enough for the kids to get excited, and hey the place is free... The kids loved it with the exception of the oldest two getting pecked by a Turkey and freaking out. Can't say I blame them. We may eat turkey subs tonight as a pay back.



Beav's Wife said...

You are so funny...

I'm going to get that book today! I've been a reading fool recently-all from the library which makes it better b/c its FREE!

These pictures are precious! Oh to have girls!!!!!

Katie said...

How do you do it?