Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Biggest Loser

So what does everyone think about the Biggest Loser finale last night?? I didn't watch it all the time. It was a really long season...face it, they had a lot of weight to lose. The resuls the people had were amazing! The winner had been a size 22, and at the end was a size 2... I mean they ran a freaking MARATHON by the end...unreal... I did feel bad for Tara as she always was on top until last night. I also swear she she had some botox done or something... her face looked frozen or something...

Man you know what I am waiting for though? I am waiting for one of the contestants to divulge one day about developing an eatting disorder or something from being on the show...I can only imagine what the finalists do the last few weeks before the finale. You can't tell me their not some starvation, etc going on.... I just picture them acting like the guys from my highschool who were into wrestling trying to make weight... Maybe it's against their contract if they get caught, but heck if I wouldn't put it past some of them to get a colonic, or shoot- even lipo. Maybe I am weird for even going there with my thoughts. I know how easy it is to fall into eatting disorders though.



Bama Girl in AZ said...

I hear you! I was happy for them all but agree, Tara looked way frozen in the smile region! I would love to really know what that time at home is like.

Laurie said...

I watched the whole series, and my pick didn't win. I didn't like Ron and his antics, and Helen was my least favorite of the women. I would have liked to see Christy win, she was so genuine. Mike lost by only 5 lbs., I would have been ok with him winning despite his dad!
It's just like every other lose it quick program, as soon as you go back into normal everyday life, keeping it off becomes a major challenge. My hats off to all of them!