Friday, February 11, 2011

A Valentine Treat

This morning before I left for the girls school for their party, Emily and I whipped up a popcorn snack, that we will take some family members probably Sunday/Monday for a V-day treat.

I popped a large batch of popcorn with our popcorn popper (I'm sure microwave would work too), then melted some white almond bark, and took a bag of Valentine's day colored M&M's, dumped them all together and stired it up and then gave the almond bark some time to harden.

I had some left over treat bags I never used, so we just put the popcorn in the bags, and tied them with ribbon. I am going to let the girls stamp some tags. This is amazingly good, and it was hard to not scarf this down....My husband has already requested that I make some later tonight for just us to have while we watch a movie when the kiddos go to bed...



AverettLadyNana said...

I better be on the list to receive a bag!!!

Jenny said...