Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Laura!

Today my oldest turned 5. I've been a mess. Seriously, I spent the morning crying. I just want time to slow down. We had a late morning party, because we wanted to do something on her actual birthday, but it's Super Bowl Sunday, so we didn't want to worry with other people's plans of parties in the evening. We did it semi early (10:30am) because my husband is on night shift, and after the party he had to go to sleep.

Laura, was shy being in the spot light, and slowly opened all of her presents. She got spoiled rotten with clothes, shoes, a Wii game, tball bat, doll, a new charm bracelet, and some money. We then ate some cake and ice cream. I made a snack I found on a blog for us all to nibble on. My grandparents were not able to come, as my grandmothers health has declined the past few weeks. While we were eating cake, Laura asked if we could save some cake for them (I thought that was sooo sweet of her), and she wanted to take it to them. So after everyone left, we went over for a nice visit, so they could see all the kiddos. It's so neat to see their faces light up when they see the girls. I have not been by very much this winter as the girls have always had some sort of cold, flu, or strep throat, and I have not wanted to get them sick. Hopefully, now that we are all well, we can visit them on a regular basis.


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Jamie said...

That was so sweet of her to save a piece for your grandparents. She is a beautiful girl, and I can't believe she is 5! The last time I saw you guys, she was crawling and you were pregnant!