Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A pictureless post isn't exciting, but it's what you get.

This evening I went with my mom down the street to a book sale that was held at a local church that my daughters attend. I felt a bit guilty for going as I still have not read the book I am supposed to for book club this month (The Mercy of Thin Air), but it was too much of a good deal to pass up. All of the books were priced $1.00 for hardbacks, and .50 for paperbacks. They had a good variety, and I of course ended up leaving with an armful. Two of the books were items I had on my "to read" list with, and one is on our book club reading list for later in the year.

In other news I have to give myself a pat on the back for sticking with my meal plan so far this week. I have to admit it though I am unsure what I will come up with tomorrow. I had planned on making something from a new cookbook my mom got me, and I did see lot's of items I wanted to try, but truth be told Elmo is supposed to be at our local Chickfila tomorrow, and my youngest is a huge fan of the furry thing, so we may slack off and head there.

I did accomplish one February goal this month, and that was to pack up some outgrown Spring clothes and take to my favorite consignment shop. I packed up some things last night, and took them on my lunch break. Sugar and Spice in Williamsburg is just my favorite place for consignment. I always have good luck there, and of course I left with a few items today.

I have not figured out their Easter dresses (another February goal), but funny enough I have figured out Emily's first day of school dress. Yes crazy, but I got a good deal on a adorable smocked dress just perfect for it, and I am a sucker. I have to also admit that I might have to tweak my goal as it's really not that major of a thing that I have to get done in February. I am just going to keep my eyes ready for any good deals, or something cute on Etsy.

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Lindsey@ Harpersville Home said...

We are planning to go see Elmo as well. I mean, who can pass up Elmo right!?