Friday, February 18, 2011

Yes I am alive.

Hello! I am alive, but I have just been in a bad mood for a wee bit, so I stayed away from blogging or it just would not have been pretty! So, in the last week we have celebrated Valentine's Day, which was pretty much the source of my mood as I expect my husband to be a mind reader, and he isn't. The whole transition of him working from days now to nights has been hard for all of us, so being stressed with that, and also being let down on a "romantic" holiday, just doesn't make for a happy household. Ok, so maybe it wasn't the most awful V-day ever.... but it is what it is. He got me flowers (always nice), and a pandora charm. The kicker, it's a charm that he got me last year.... and I may or may not have been banking on him getting me the new verizon iphone. Also, our romantic dinner equaled us taking the kids to the mall where we ate in the food court while listening to horrible people attempt karaoke, and while I attempted not to grab my husband by the neck. UH! I could have killed him. So enough about my week long PMS fest/pity party.

This weekend is a busy one for us, our big Junior League fundraiser event "Casino Night" is tomorrow night, so that will fill our evening, and then Sunday we are having the girls big friend party at My Gym. For party favors I kept it small and just bought a bunch of bubbles and put them in cute gift bags with some ribbon (ala dollar store). I figure since we are having both boys and girls, bubbles it was. Who doesn't love blowing bubbles? So that's what I have been up to. Some bday party planning and throwing a hissy fit.


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