Saturday, February 5, 2011

I will try harder next week....

So... the whole menu planning thing... yeah... didn't work out as planned this week. See below.

Sunday- Didn't do leftovers, since we got called over to my inlaws for dinner.

Monday- Family demanded taco's, and since we all had busy Monday's I was cool with something easy. Tacos were supposed to be for Tuesday.

Tuesday- We got invited to dinner out, and I don't turn down a free meal =) especially Outback. Can you blame me?

Wednesday- I made the honey mustard porkchops that I was supposed to make Monday. They were a hit. I served them with baked potatoes and green beans.

Thursday- So... once again we strayed. We went to dinner with friends lol.

Friday- I feel terrible but I strayed from the plan again... we did spagetti. My oldest asked for it, and since it's her birthday weekend, I caved.

As for this weekend, I plan on doing the apple butter porkchops tonight that we were supposed to do yesterday... We do have some leftovers from dinner out Thursday, that will be eaten for lunch today. I plan on making the sloppy joes Sunday evening if we don't have people over. If we do I am going to save that for Monday night, and just have a bunch of good ole junk food.
Yes I was a menu planning failure this week... (hangs head in shame).


Jenny said...

I love that they "demanded" tacos... :) Mine demand PB&J for evvvvery meal! UGH!

Lindsey@ Harpersville Home said...

same thing with us. If I make a meal plan I end up making 1 or 2 meals from the plan and something else happens the whole rest of the week! I just started buying a few staples to make a few easy meals if needed, making a meal plan for 2 meals per week and fixing the two meals I planned for when we were actually home! Buying a whole week's worth of meal stuff and watching it go bad in the fridge...not good, but seems to be a thing around here! :( I'm working on it too!