Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Party Time!

Sunday evening the girls had their joint friend party at "My Gym". It did not disappoint, and I can not stress how glad I am that we had it there. It was clean, fun, organized, and most importantly all of the kids had a complete blast! They had some gymnastic type equipment scaled down to their size, a rock wall, lot's of other climbing things, trampolines,zip line, and a real ball pit like Chucky Cheese (minus feeling like your going to catch a serious illness) used to have (I can't not express to you how much I used to love the ball pit at Chucky Cheese when I was a wee one). The party helpers also led several fun games with the kids, and it was just so cute to watch them. The parents were pretty pleased to with the place as we noticed two parents actually book future parties while they were there.

Tomorrow night is Rachel's actual birthday, and my big girl will be 4 years old! We are having her family party in the evening. She's growing up so fast, and amazes me every day.


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