Sunday, July 25, 2010

Started the diet today...

My menu for this week isn't all that excited in our household. Hence a household diet has taken place. I am stocked up on Special K protein bars, shakes, and their cereal to have for my breakfast options, and the WW frozen meals were on sale, so lunch is set up. For the hubby I got him lots of those 100 calorie pack snacks, and some pita bread and lean lunch meat. Dinner is always a struggle with time, and pleasing the kids too. Also, I feel like chicken is pretty much the only healthy entree, and that get's super boring fast.
Monday night- Skillet chicken (I use alot of seasonings and just pan sear it) will eat it with corn and salad

Tuesday- going to attempt a new pork chop recipe that is WW friendly that involves wheat breadcrumbs. find out more here hopefully it wont suck. Will also have green beans.

Wednesday- I am making the husband grill some chicken for himself and the kids, and some salmon for me. Butter beans too.

Thursday I clueless any suggestions?

Friday- is going to be a cheat day cause Dave and I are in charge of Family Night at the pool so we will be cooking and eating some hot dogs and hamburgers.

Have not thought much about the weekend yet either... it will just be a miracle enough for us to get through the week day.

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Jamie said...

Here's a suggestion (easy, good and good for you!)

you can use plain yogurt or ff mayo to make it more diet friendly.