Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book Review- Heart of the Matter

I finally finished up Emily Giffin's new book- Heart of the Matter on CD. I loved it. I was a bit apprehensive, because I had seen horrible reviews about this book, and I was nervous I was going to hate it too. This book is the story about a woman who has been married for a number of years to a doctor, and they have two young children, and seem to live a perfect happy life. I don't want to give to many details, but ultimately, the book is about adultery. It's told by the wife's point of view, and the other woman's. What I liked about the book, was how I learned to see things from another angle. I have never understood why men sometimes cheat, and I didn't understand why some women take back husbands who cheat. Honestly, some women that I know in real life I just viewed as idiots for taking their spouses back. This book though helped me kinda see the situation from another angle and made me feel kinda bad for thinking so badly of these women. Side note- if my husband cheats on me I WILL CUT HIM, so don't think I am saying cheating is ok. The book just really helped me see how it can happen, and how I guess people can get past it, or at least try.

As for the bad reviews, I think that some women didn't like the fact that the main character had became a stay at home mom, and the character was forwarned by her mother that if she becomes a stay at mom, she wont be interesting anymore, and would become boring. Of course being a stay at home mom wont make you that way, but I think a lot of people got offended. I also think this author nailed the "desperate house wives" cliques and how crazy we all can tend to get about gossip, and what other people will think or say about us. The author made me think about how I need to not buy into that crap. But that's just my humble opinion.


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Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

I've been wanting to know your opinion on this one. I read it while on vacation and it just made me mad. I think part of it is that I LOVE her other books too much and I was just so mad at the husband that I wanted to cut him and it wasn't even my own husband!