Saturday, July 3, 2010

First trip to the movies...

Last night Dave and I finally got around to taking our older two to see their first movie ever at the movie theatre! Holy Moly- batman- it's going to be a while before we go again, cause man, the movies are not cheap! Grant it, we could have saved money by seeing an earlier show, sneaking in some snacks instead of purchasing whatever out munchkins wanted, but we wanted to make the first movie special. Totally worth it too.

We saw Toy Story 3, and it was really good. I am going to embarrass myself by admitting I was in tears by the end of the movie... ***Spoiler Alert*** The movie is about these toys that come alive when no humans are around, and they have belonged to this little boy named Andy. Andy has taken good care of them, and playing with them lovingly, but when the movie begins, Andy is 17, and heading off to college, so they are not played with anymore, and have been in a trunk is his room. His mom tells him to either 1. put them in the attic, 2. donate them, or 3. throw them away, and I can not tell you anymore without giving to much away. Anyways, I got all misty eyed thinking about how kids grow up so darn fast, are only little kiddos for just a little bit. I mean heck, I remember my 16 year old nephew loving Toy Story 1, and now he's almost a man... I have to remind myself this, when my own kids are driving me insane, that one days these days will be long gone, and I will look back and miss this.


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Cher said...

The first movie always has so many memories. I loved the Toy Story movies and Austin asked me to go with him when the third one came out. Time does fly with kids!
FYI: If you go to AMC during the week (Mon-Thrs)the movies are $5 and I think that includes the evening shows too.