Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Next thing you know, I will be wearing Mom Jeans

I have been way too excited about the Fostoria Americana crystal I have gotten from my grandmother. Seriously, I know it's just glass, but I am just obsessed with it. There is a antique mall near my work, and I spent my lunch break there yesterday there browsing to see if they had any. They had a ton! I didn't buy anything, but I thought it was fun to see all the different items, and to get a feel for how much the items go for. Some are reasonable, and some are expensive. To make matters complicated there are other brands that look exactly like this pattern that are cheaper, and I am not sure if those brands are still in production or not.

So I have plotted some items in the pattern that I would like to purchase, if I come across for reasonable prices. Pictures above in case anyone finds any and wants to tell me all about it. First off, I would like some dessert/salad plates, to go along with my awesome square cake stand. Those seem to be priced well. I also would like a creamer- as I have the sugar bowl, but it looks lonely. That is also affordable. A huge item that I would love, but only would be able to get if I came across it at a garage sale and someone just didn't know what they had would be the punch bowl and glasses. Ok Ok, how many times do you really use a punch bowl? Not many, but it's nice to have, so I just know one day I will find it affordable somewhere. I actually own a nice punch bowl that I bought at a auction for $5 dollars back in my college days. (why yes I spent a friday not partying, and being super boring by attending an auction with the locals) I have in fact used it, so I have gotten my $5 out of it.

So I know this post is pretty boring, and everyone is wondering now if I am actually turning 50 rather then 30, because young people are not supposed to get this excited about things like this.


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