Saturday, July 31, 2010

So far the diet has not killed us....

The hubby and I have survived the first week of dieting. We are doing weight watchers. We didn't sign up and we are not doing meetings, we both just downloaded free applications on our phones which makes doing weight watcher a million times easier. The application for my phone is called the WW Diary. I can even use the barcode scanner on the phone to load nutrional content. It's just genius. We have both done weight watchers in the past online and in person, but we feel like we know the plan pretty well enough to do it without being all official. Plus, I don't feel like paying someone to weigh me once a week. I can humilate myself at work in front of all the patients for free on our scale in the treatment area.

So menu planning for this week will go like this- breakfast consists of Special K cereal or Special K protein bars if I am running late. WW or Lean Cuisine frozen meal, and either some cucumber slices or some other snack.

Dinner is the more exciting area...

Monday- Garlic Chicken on the grill- and corn on the cob, Green beans

Tuesday- trying out a new recipe- Cilantro and Lime Shrimp found it here : with salad

Wednesday- doing the Panko crusted pork chops that I did last week- we really liked them (even the kids which never happens)

Thursday- kids night at our local chickfila. We skip the fries and get a side salad with the sandwich. (side note did you know that damn chickfila sauce is 4 points for one freaking packet??? Umm heart breaking...)

Friday- PF Changs frozen meal (those are awesome! It's a frozen skillet meal that Dave and I share and it the point value is pretty low. I was pretty psyched to see they were not a million weight watcher points. They are really tasty, and do not taste like a frozen meal.

Weekends are not planned cause we have our extra points to splurge on.

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