Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back to School Shopping!

It's still summer, and my girls will not be starting back to preschool until September, but it's time to start getting ready. I made it by my favorite consignment shop ever for kiddos- Sugar and Spice, in Williamsburg today, and I found a lot of wonderful items. I have been shopping at this store for 4 years now, and it's been the best consignment shop for kids that I have seen. Great brands, great prices, and very organized.

The top two jumper dresses are adorable! Very well made, and perfect for school. Of course, I have already ran them over to my mom's to be personalized. The halloween/pumpkin sweater is for Emily. This is by Gymboree, and I really really wanted to buy this sweater last year for the girls but it was very expensive for a seasonal item so I passed. Luckily, this shop had it in Emily's size and it was $6.75 ! The owl shirt I thought was just cute,and then the last red shirt is Land's End and already was personalized with an E and was in Emily's size! Can't beat that for $3. I am already gearing up and plotting some purchases like some jeans and shoes during the tax free holiday in August in Virginia.

*in other non kid news I am going to join a online book club that is just starting up. It's open to anyone and I will post some more details tomorow.


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Jenny said...

OMG! Amazing-they are so cute. I need to check that place out!