Friday, July 30, 2010

Book Club

I love to read. As a little girl I would stay up late under the covers with a flash light reading the Baby Sitters Club series. It's something I have always enjoyed. About 5 years ago, during my lunch hour I stopped for lunch at this hippy food place that is no longer in business. While I was eatting my lunch I noticed that there was a group meeting for coffee, and discussing a book that they had all read. This was the first time I had ever heard about book clubs. I was totally jealous, and I just don't know anyone around here that does that in my area.

Thankfully, Erin from and another blogger have the same yearning, and thought why not start a blogging one? They created a site with the info check it out:

The first book that they are going to read is on there. I purchased it today. I attempted to find it at my local library, but they don't have it, so I have found for me it was cheaper to buy it from and get it shipped for me for .97 I also went through to buy it from walmart so I will be getting back a whole whopping 1.0% back on the total purchase. (Hey I made sure I was going to get this book for the least amount possible). PS check out and start saving some money if you buy stuff online.

I am excited about this book club and think it would be a great way to ready books I might not have otherwise thought about.


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