Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday, and it's too rainy for the pool....

My pretty Fostoria Ice Tea picher inspired me to make a batch of sweet tea this morning. Confession- I have never made tea before. I KNOW! Shame on me... In all seriousness, it's mainly because Dave is not a fan of it, and so if I get it, I get it for myself when we go out to eat. Also, growing up in my parents house, my mom is not a fan of sweet tea, she likes it without sugar, so she always made it non-sweet, and then we had to just sweeten it on our own. This is how I made it- and I may or may not have googled it to find out how... I got the family size lipton tea bags, and put 3 them in a pot with two cups of water and brought to a boil. As soon as it came to a boil I put in my pretty picher with 1 cup of sugar and stired, and then I fill the tea jar to the top with regular cold water. Perfection!

This morning I have been attempting to go through the kids clothes, do some laundry, clean their rooms and what not. I had to practice some deep breathing to not freak out, cause their rooms are crrazzzy, and I had to unpack what Laura had packed for the beach a few weeks ago. Crazy kid had all kinds of random stuff packed. Hilarous enough she had a toiletry bag with some toys and some tampons. I unpacked everything, and explained to her the tampons are not for her. What a trip.... My grandparents also gave Laura these older items that I think are from Avon or something... one item is this thing that looks like an old phone but it holds some perfume powder. Laura has dumped all of the powder on the carpet in her room, so now it smells like a old ladies house. She thinks it smells wonderful. Crazy girl.



Jenny said...

You always make me laugh!

Little Candle said...

I love Sweet Tea!
Is this Robyn from Ferrum by any chance?