Wednesday, February 29, 2012


*March is going to be an awesome busy month for us, as we are leaving to go to Massanutten for a winter break getaway.  We usually go in January or February, but Laura has a winter break in addition to Spring break at her school, so we figured we would take a little vaca then.  We are looking forward to some time away to relax and play.

*I am also heading on a shopping trip to Lancaster, PA at the end of the month with my parents, and of course that excites me greatly, as I live to shop.  I am even more excited to actually enjoy clothes shopping for myself now I am thinner.  The kids need a crazy amount of spring and summer stuff though, so they remain the priority.  Laura and Rachel wear the same size so it makes it even harder.

*Speaking of shopping, the estate sale wrapped up this past Monday across the street.  Everything was marked half off on the last day, and after I stalked a pie safe there since last friday, and plotted where I would put it if I owned it, we walked away the proud owners of it!
 Ok, so my mom and husband waited in line for an hour to be the first ones in the house Monday, but hey, we got it!   We also purchased something called a "dry sink".  The dry sink we are going to refinish, put new hardware on it, and it will replaces our sofa table behind the couch.

* My pie safe is in the dining room, and I am just in love with it! instead of storing baked goods in it, I have turned it into a wine cabinet lol.  I put my collection of wine glasses in there, and Dave's beer mugs to store, and I plan on storing wine bottles in there.  Not that I have a vast wine collection or anything, but now I have an excuse to start one =)

*I am looking forward to heading to the movies with my oldest Friday for a school field trip to see the Lorax with her and her school in honor of Dr. Suesse's birthday.  A movie theatre is having a special viewing of the movie just for her school Friday morning, and I am not sure who is more excited, her or me.


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