Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday stuff....

*My husband came home from work early this morning, and surprised us by whipping up some waffles.  He also had my coffee ready for me in my favorite pink mug =)  My goodness I love him!

*Our oldest child's school was given a private screening of the movie The Lorax early this morning, and my husband and I helped chaperone.  We took one of her school friends with us in our car, she cracked us up!  She's an adorable girl whose parents are both doctors.  Dave was telling her that he was going to clean the house later today, since we are leaving for vacation, and one of our quirks is that we like to come home to a clean house.  (I am sure this was really thrilling for a 6 year old to hear).  Dave asked her if her family liked to do the same thing, she told Dave that her family had a cleaning lady who did that.  Dave turned to me in the car and told me he wished he had a cleaning lady, I turned to him and told him I wished he was a doctor.  =)

*We loved the movie! I seriously got all teary eyed at the end of it, because it has such a good message for children, and for adults for that matter.  Dr. Seuss was a pretty amazing guy ;)  We don't own a copy of the book, so I am going to pick up a copy of the Lorax for our family to have.

*I am still all obsessed with my pie safe.  It has one bottle of wine in it lol, and it's a cheap twist top one, but I am just crazy over the new addition in our house.  I love that the items in our home have so many stories. Not much is brand new as far as furniture goes.  We have a hand full of store bought items, and most else came has a neat story behind it.  I hope my former neighbors are happy that some of their items have stayed on the street, and are with someone that cared about them.

*I went and saw my grandmother today. She is still getting skilled care at the nursing home.  To best honest I have not visited her like I should, or talked about her much.  It's just really awful to see someone who was always so sharp and full of life be in her condition.  She doesn't know who many people are.  She still has some ok moments, but her quality of life is not good right now.  To be honest, when I went and saw her this morning, I wanted to turn around and leave right away.   From what I have seen of her, she's not getting any better.  I don't think she will ever be able to leave the nursing home.  I know I need to see her more.  I mean I see people at work who are worse off then her, but it's different when it's someone you love.  I know it doesn't make it right though, and I need to work on seeing her more, instead of trying to put it out of my mind.

*I got the bill for the neighborhood pool, and that excited me greatly as I know summer is around the corner!!  So worth it's weight in gold...

*T-ball for the girls is starting, and I am interested to see how Dave survives coaching.  I being the control freak that I am, am trying not to make suggestions at this time. =)  Emily is also starting gymnastics next month since she's too young for Tball.

*We leave tomorrow for Massanutten, and I am excited!  So happy for a getaway with my family!


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