Saturday, February 25, 2012

The big 5, and cake making adventures

Rachel is officially 5 years old!  February is definitly busy for us with the girls having birthdays.  I feel like I can finally catch a break now from the madness!  We had Rachel's family party on her actual birthday- the 23rd.  We were just going to do cake and ice cream, but my husband had a chili craving, so he made a big yummy pot of it, and some delicious cornbread to go with it.    I just concentrated on the cake making, and I was pretty proud of what we ended up with!  Rachel asked for a princess cake, and I thought it would be fun to make her one of those barbie ones, where the dress is the cake.

I found these little half barbies at Michael's for 3 bucks, but they come naked... I went through our barbie stash trying to find a cute top to put on her, but nothing seemed to work, sooooo I glittered her lol.
  Her top is simply some Martha Stewart glitter glue, and some random glitter in my craft stash.  I found a princess crown to put on her in the kids barbie stuff, so all I had to do then was make the cake.  I used a large Pampered chef batter bowl, and 9 inch cake pan.  Truth be told I did a box mix in the batter bowl, but when I took it out I knew the dress needed to be taller, so I got another box mix and put it in the other pan, and then stacked them.  I did make home made butter cream icing, and put in a drop of food coloring to make it pink.  I then just used the same star tipped icing baggy thing I have from the Elmo cake I did for Emily's birthday, and did little dabs of icing with it all over.  Finally when it was time for the party I pushed in barbie.  I panicked an hour before the party, and bought a few cupcakes from Harris Teeter is coordinating colors because I was afraid we wouldn't have enough cake, but it was plenty for our crowd.  I have to admit though I thought the cupcakes made it look cute =).

Rachel enjoyed opening her presents.  We got her a Figet toy (she asked for a robot and it was the closest thing I could find), she's obsessed with it though, and the toy cracks us all up with its dancing.  She had a lot of fun and has enjoyed playing with her presents, and wearing her new clothes.
I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming.  She's full of spunk and personality, and makes me so proud every day!


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J said...

So cute!! You did such a great job! Happy birthday, Rachel!!