Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Laura!

My oldest baby girl turned 6 this past Monday.  Geesh.  It's crazy to think these last 6 years have flown by, and in 6 more she will be 12.  This is scary stuff.  We had a small family party for her on her actual birthday, as her and her sisters friend party is going to be Saturday at the VLM.  She had a great birthday, and we didn't have anything going on Monday as Dave and I were both off, so we made it a fun family day, and let the girls stay home from school and preschool.  We played all day, upon Laura's request we went to the VLM (the girls are obsessed with that place), and we had lunch at Papau Georges.  The owner spoiled the girls with free milkshakes, and gave Laura a free piece of strawberry short cake with a candle.  He's the nicest guy ever!
The girls spent the rest of the day riking bikes outside with their friends, until it was time for her party.  She wanted a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing like I had made for Christmas, and a Highschool musical theme.  It's a bit hard finding items for a movie that's several years old... I found a LARGE wall cling hanging of the cast on clearence for $2 at Party City, bought a musical note ceterpiece to stick on the cake, and popped the movie in and called it a day.  Laura thought it was cool, and now has the huge wall cling picture of the cast upstairs in her room!

Laura was spoiled by her family members, and excited to open her presents.  We got her a new bathing suit (perfect for a pool party she is going to next weekend), a hardback copy of Charlotte's Web (she's been bringing up the same book from her school library all year just about, and my old copy is falling apart), a home work bag to keep her papers in,  a wedding doll barbie, and Glee Season 1.  She's into it for the singing and dancing.


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