Saturday, February 25, 2012

Estate Sale Fun

There used to be an elderly couple who lived across the street.  They never had any children, and they spent most of the holidays at my parents house because of this.  The wife died when my oldest was born about 6 years ago, and the husband died this past October.  The surviving family members are going to sell the house here soon, but before hand they had a company come in and have an estate sale that began yesterday.  My mom and I were one of the first people to get in the house yesterday when it opened.  I love estate sales, but this felt kind of weird since I knew them.  I mean there's that just feels wrong with going through all of their stuff.  I was going through one of the bedrooms and I felt almost guilty for opening up her panty hose drawer lol.  I even got a little sad when I saw an album with some pictures in it of the husband.  They were nice simple people people, and it's just sad to see all of these people come into the house and buy it up.
But, there gone, and their family members don't want the items, so I know it makes sense.  And heck, I was in there myself, and I have to admit I bought some items.  I will however always remember them when I see the things =).
My first purchase was this cool wash stand, or at least, that is what was on the label.  To me it's a neat cabinet.  I was drawn to the color, and I purchased it thinking it would look great in one of my daughters room.  It was a steal for just $55.  An old family friend helped me carry it home, and he pointed out that he could tell from the back of it, that it was very old, and remarked that I got an amazing deal on it.  I am sure it was cheaper because the color is a bit crazy, but that's what I loved about it.  I did put it in Rachel's room, but it was all kinds of wrong, so after some looking around I am pleased with the spot I found for it in the living room.

I went back over later that afternoon with some friends, and this time I left with a beautiful cake plate, 4 cake pans for baking, and a yellow glass pitcher (pictured).  I got all of the items for about $20.  I plan on going back over when items are marked further down to see if there is anything else I just have to have.    Photobucket

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