Friday, February 3, 2012


Ahh  Pinterest.  How I love you.  With Valentine's Day coming up, I turned to it for ideas on making Valentine's with the kids for their classrooms.  We have quite a bit to make with all three having Valentine Day parties at their schools.  I know I could have gone to Target, or heck the Dollar Store and bought 3 quick boxes with all we need, but that's too easy, and I was aching to do some crafting with them.  I also have it in my head that making Valentine's can be cheaper then buying them.  Um no it isn't lol.  I can attest to this now that I have bought all the supplies....But that's ok, they are cute, the girls love them, and hopefully their friends will like them, and no small children choke on the gum balls.
The girls and I fell in love with an idea we found where you print a template that looks like the bottom of a bubble gum machine, and then take bubble gum in a plastic baggy and tape it on the cut out template.  It has printed on it " I chews you, Happy Valentine's Day".  
I printed out the template, made a bunch of copies for all three kids classes ( I under estimated so I have to make more copies). I then laminated the copies of the template to give it more support.  The bubble gum I purchased from the dollar store, and I needed about 5 bags of gum to do all of the classes with about 5 or 6 pieces in each Valentine.  I also bought the baggies that the gum go in there.   I used packing tape to tape the back of the baggie on the laminated paper.  It was a fun counting activity for the kids when they counted out the bubble gum, and they did cutting out the templates.  I did tape them on just to speed things up.  We do have a few more to make, but we have plenty of time since their parties are not for another week. 

Here is the link where the idea comes from if you want the template: gumball-machine-valentines


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