Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day recap

My husband spoiled me rotten this year for Valentine's Day.  When Dave goes all out, he goes all out I have to say, but this year he really went crazy.  He first of all took initiative and got a babysitter in advance, he also tried to make reservations and some nice places a week ahead, but that wasn't early enough, BUT I appreciated going out anywhere just the two of us.  I came home to a clean house, roses, a reese cup heart, and then he had me open a present.  It was a wireless printer.  I was really excited, as we don't have a printer, and I always bug my mom to print things out for me if needed. Then he told me the girls had made something for me, and it was upstairs on the wall.  They took me upstairs, and closed a door, and behind the door was a spanking new iMac!

Holy moly.  We don't have a home computer, and our laptop is still going strong, so he knew this was something I was lusting over, so he figured it was time for us to have a real computer..  This was totally over the top, but I have to say he knocked my socks off.  I seriously cried when I saw the box lol.   I am so in love with it!  I finally braved up and took it out of the box, and I tell ya, it's magical... Confusing a little because I have never used anything but pc's, but wow, I really see now what all the fuss is about....

We ended up at Salsa's for dinner, a change in venue from our usual Plaza Azteca outings, but still some awesome Mexican food was consumed.


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