Friday, February 10, 2012

Thoughts post...

*I usually take Fridays at my day off from work as I just work 4, but today begins a new schedule for me, as starting this week I started taking Mondays.  Man the idea of Fridays off just seems so much more fun then Mondays, as I sit here waiting to go to work.... I am doing this switch because Emily has started speech therapy, twice a week, and the lady who does it doesn't work on Fridays either lol.  I take her Mondays, and either Dave or my mom will take her on Thursdays.  She's been a few times now, and the specialist thinks she will catch on quick, and not it as long as originally thought.  Emily loves going, as she gives her prizes, and takes her for rides in a wagon for a reward. =)

*I downloaded My Fitness Pal application to help monitor my calories.  I used a different app in the past and this one is soooo much better.  It's a free app for I think any smart phone, and it has a lot of food info already stored in the program so you don't have to waste so much time adding in the info.  You can also friend other users who use it to help motivate each other. 

*I went to kickboxing last night with my friend again, and I tell ya, every Thursday I drag my feet and try to come up with an excuse not to go, but once I get there and especially after I am always so glad to have gone.  We always do something new, and I always feel it the next few days, so I know its helping make my body stronger and healthier.  I love how close the class is to my house, and I love the positive trainer, and seeing the same people each week.  I am still doing good with going to the gym, and I set a goal of going 3 days a week, but really try to aim for 5.

*I want to get my husband something for Valentine's Day, and I have no idea what to do, and I am running out of time.  He says he has already made plans to take me out that night, and has a neighborhood girl coming to babysit, so if he's on the ball, I need to hurry up.

* I busted out a p90x workout the other night when I didn't have a chance to get to the gym.  I did the Kenpo X one.  I spent the first 10 minutes complaining about doing the yoga warmup, wanting the actual work out to start, but soon after it began I was praying he would start doing yoga again. Those videos are killer!  I didn't complete it, but considering a few years ago when I attempted the videos and I only lasted 10 minutes tops, I have made progress!

*I changed from doing an 8k race to doing the 5k one.  I know, I know, an 8k isn't that much more, but I would like another 5k under my belt before I try to do anything longer, plus a lot of my friends would rather do a 5k, and I don't want to be stuck running the 8k without anyone I know.  Also let's be honest.  Serious runners are going to chose to run the 8k over the 5k, and I am not a serious runner, and I also don't want to come in last place =)

*I am looking forward to winter vacation in a few weeks.  We are heading to Massanutten the first week of March as Laura's has a break from school that week.  Apparently, skiing is still going on then, though chances are we wont be skiing.  But we love the tube park, and the indoor water park, and just getting away. 


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