Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Goal Recap, and new May goals...

It did ok with my goals. My first goal to lose 10 lbs I did awesome on... I ended up losing 14. I am pretty proud, but sad it's not more noticeable...I can tell in my clothes and of course the scale at least. Even more sad, I need to lose more, and now that the initial came off quick it's going to be harder as it seems like I can always lose weight fast for a few weeks, and then I hit a brick wall, end up getting frustrated, and go back to eatting like a pig. But all in all I am pretty proud. I am going to try to aim for 5lbs gone in May.

I also got the girls closets ready for spring/summer. I have more items to take to a consignment shop that they can't wear anymore, so that's my next goal, get them to the store.

I did not get around to doing the strawberry planter/pansy thing that I swore I would get around to. Blah. Failure I know, but I just forgot, and never got around to buying any pansies. I am planning on getting some veggie plants for a small garden like I did last year, so if pansies are even still around anymore I will buy some and take care of that too. If they are all gone or out of season I will figure something else out similar.

We followed through with going to church all through Lent, and Easter Sunday. I even went today, and we will probably continue going as we pretty much agree that we like it. Now I can't say we will go every Sunday, but I think we will go pretty often.

I starting coming up with list of things for the kids during the summer. The girls want to do more swimming lessons, I already have them signed up for more gymnastic classes. I actually have Laura signed up to take a art class the next two Saturdays at a local art museum, and if she enjoys it, she might do some more classes like that later this summer. Rachel would love to do that too, but it starts at age 5. I am sure will do vacation bible school again too. They did it last year at their preschool, but I think we are going to be away on vacation that week, so I am hoping our church will have one on a different week.

So as far as May goals this is what I have:
1. Lose 5 lbs in May
2. Take a bunch of their old clothes to consignment
3. Plant our veggie garden, and the the strawberry planter thingy
4. replace a towel bar in the girls bathroom upstairs (this really requires me just picking a new one out and making Dave install it, and remind the kids towel bars are not monkey bars)
5. Read the next book club book for this month. In March the book club meeting got canceled, and then this months I had to miss as I had another meeting going on at the same time. I have been a bit of a slacker though with reading and didn't even read the April book once I knew I wasn't going. I will read May's though =)


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