Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bike Shopping...

Last Wednesday as promised, Laura and Rachel got new bikes. We ventured up to Conte's bike shop to seal the deal. Growing up two of my bikes came from there, and in fact when I was 13, my parents bought me my final bike to take me through until I was 27 (then Dave bought me pinky). Anyways, when I was 13 I got to ride my bike home which isn't exactly close by. I thought I was something special.

So we looked at bikes, and we saw some that were ok, but one of the guys said they just got a bunch of ones in that they were getting ready to put together. They were perfect! Laura chose pink, and Rachel wanted the purple. They even gave us a discount for buying two! They always give great service, good deals, and have quality bikes. I know once they outgrow these, we will be back!


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