Saturday, May 7, 2011

Book reading...

The book club pick for this month is Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. I had heard bits and pieces about it, as this is written by an asian mother on how she has raised her two children here in America. People have been talking a lot about the book as her views on childrearing are considered controversial. I knew the book would be interesting so I was glad to see it picked by a member in the group.

I spent some time trying to find it at various libraries, as when I looked at the Kindle download price of 12.99 I thought I could do better. The waiting lists at every library in my freaking area and then some are crazy long. I looked in used bookstores and on some of those online. No luck, or rather if it was cheaper then 12.99 it still wasn't far off. With the Ipad I also can down load apps for the Nook and Ibook, so I checked the prices for the book and it was the same, so I just went ahead and got the kindle download. I have not regretted the purchase.

I just started it yesterday afternoon, but I am already on Chapter 17. I am finding myself agreeing with a little, wincing at a lot, and actually seeing a bit of my dad in it as well lol. It also brings back some memories of a middle school BFF I had who was Korean. Her parents had some to the USA, and her father was a pretty awesome Doctor. They had three children (my friend was the youngest), and all of them ended up at Ivy League schools when it was time for college I think. I remember in 6th grade her telling me that she wasn't allowed to date until she was in medical school. I found this crazy because at 11 I wasn't exactly thinking about the future. Of course as we grew older she did have boyfriends, she just had to get creative with hiding it from her parents =). I actually still keep in contact with her a little on facebook. I believe she's a pscyhotherapist or something like that. Funny enough she posted on facebook that she finally told her parents that she had a boyfriend, and had been living with him for years.

I highly recommend this book to every mom out there, not as a how to raise your kid guide, but just to see how different the views are from American ways.


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