Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week!

Things at school are winding down, and in a few weeks, both girls will be out for summer! This will be the last few weeks that Laura is there for her preschool career, and that makes me so sad, but excited for her as well. Next year Rachel will have her sister Emily heading off to school with her. Anyways- this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. Please tell any teachers you know how much you appreciate them! We trust them with so much, and they make such huge impacts on children. For gifts this year I had a lady I know from JL make these personalized key chains for the girls teachers (main teachers for each and their assistant). It's a key chain that also has a card holder on it, so they can put in their drivers license or what not. I thought they were super cute, and eventually I am going to order one for myself =).

The lady makes them out of her house, and she does a lot of really cute stuff! Check her out on Facebook- her shop is called Double Love Designs. I ordered them this weekend and she had them done Tuesday. Super Fast! After gymnastics with Rachel yesterday I finally got by her house to pick them up, and we spent last night wraping them up and having the girls make cards for the teachers.

I have to say, Teacher Appreciation Week makes me wonder about the middle school and highschool teachers. Do they get spoiled like I see the the preschool and grade school teachers? I kinda doubt it.... I guess it get's harder once your kid starts having 5-6 teachers. Anyways, I hope they all feel some love too.


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Jenny said...

Love those!!! I've wondered the same thing about the teachers who work in older grades. They probably get nothing!