Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blurb Post....

I have been the worst blogger in the world. I just have not had a lot of time, and when I have had time, I didn't feel like blogging. And all I really have for you today are a bunch of blurbs.
*I am now down 25 lbs. Apparently, it takes 25 lbs for people to start noticing lol, as people are finally giving me some good feedback. I feel pretty good, and I am aiming for about 10 more lbs. Quite honestly, thought I am excited about the loss, I wont have much that will fit me when I hit my goal. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping, but who the heck can afford a whole new warddrobe, and how scary is it to buy new clothes in smaller sizes while being scared that the weight will be put back on. I went through the same thing several years ago, and I ended up selling the things on ebay and whatnot, and at least I never got back to that weight. I did gain weight after I got down after Emily, but I didn't at least have to go up in clothing sizes, I just crammed myself in the same clothes. I guess I just need to bite the bullet and start parting with some things that are crazy big. If they don't stay around, it will be motivation for me to not go crazy again.

*I am attempting to get things ready for a Memorial Day cookout we are having at our house Saturday. It's been kinda hard with all of our other activities going on this week. I thought about calling out tomorrow to take a personal day to get things ready, and then of course I can't do that now, as I have to do something important at work in the am.

*I can not wait until I can sit by the pool and play with my kiddos. We are pumped to all be able to ride our bikes there as well, now that the kiddos are training wheel free. We have a seat on Dave's bike for Emily to ride in (it wouldn't fit on my bike, since my tires have fenders).

*I am sadz that Oprah's talk show isn't going to be on anymore. Her shows were always interesting, and never got trashy like all of the other talk shows.

*I want a shellac manicure so bad. I just need for find a cheap place, since alot of the places charge out of the ying yang, and find the time to go get it.



Cher said...

I think the place where I get my hair cut does it for a decent price. I'll look into it for you. Doesn't our pedi place do them?

Jenny said...

OMG-I just saw your pic on FB with baby Gabbrielle and you are SKINNY! I'm so jealous! If 25lbs is the magic # for people to notice then I need to get crackin' look awesome!