Friday, May 13, 2011

Blurb Post

*I am going to need it to rain this weekend so we can be forced to stay inside to get housework done. I am so far behind on cleaning, organizing, laundry, etc. It's just hard to get those things done when the weather has been so nice, and we want to do everything outside.

*I am in love with my new washing machine. However, our old washing machine is seriously still sitting outside by the garage, as my husband said he wanted to see how much money he could get for scrapping it. Of course that was about 4 weeks ago now, and it's still sitting there...I am starting to think it's going to sit their forever to let everyone know we are proper white trash. I am totally going to tick him off by putting out for the garbage man Monday, but oh well.

*As of today I am now 20.5 lbs down, and funny enough the only people to have said anything to me about noticing the weight loss include, my husband, coworker, and a drug rep. That's when you know your fat- when you can drop that much and hardly anyone notices.

*Two weeks from this weekend our pool opens up! Though I don't think it's quite that warm enough for some pool fun, I know the kids will be excited to go, and I will risk freezing to make them happy. A friend of ours with three kids is joining the pool this year, and I can't wait to watch them all have fun together!

*The girls also just have two more weeks of school, before they are out for the summer! Time just flies by! I am sad Laura wont be there next year, but so thankful that she is going to an awesome school next year. I just watched the documentry "Waiting for Superman", on Netflix, and it makes me so glad that our area's schools are not that bad, as it's such a heartbreaking matter to see some of the public school systems in the USA. I seriously cried watching the end of it.


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AverettLadyNana said...

Think you have to make appointment for special pickup for appliances...they are going to start that if not already.