Saturday, April 30, 2011

Growing up!

The big news around here is that our oldest - Laura just learned how to ride a bike! It's so fun to see your kids learn something. I sat outside with the biggest grin on my face watching her, and of course even though it makes me so proud, there's a voice in the back of my mind freaking out because next thing I turn around she's going to be getting her drivers license.

I will share a "learning how to ride a bike Campbell process". I don't know if others try this, or if my dad is really that much of a genious, but he taught myself and my sisters how to ride a bike, and we all have passed it down to our kids. It sounds crazy, but all you do, is take the training wheels off the bike, AND the pedals. It forces the child to first learn balance. They just skoot with their feet, and little by little they get braver, and once the balance is mastered the pedals go back on and they just ride off! Funny enough, they actually make bikes now without pedals called training bikes for like $200 lol. My dad should have patented that idea. We let Laura just coast around for about week before the pedals went on, but once they did she just took off! We are now working on Rachel. I figure in a few weeks we will be hitting up the bike shop soon to get them some big girl bikes =)

Video 1 shows Laura coasting during the learning process:

Video 2 is her doing the real deal!


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