Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween our girls were a princess, Tinkerbell, and a VT cheerleader. Poor Emily wasn't feeling so hot still from her cold, so she wasn't much on trick or treating. That's ok though because her sisters cleaned up shop in the candy department so there is plenty to go around. Several family members came by with little treat bags for the girls, and then of course they enjoyed trick or treating several times next door at my parents house before we even ventured off to some houses nearby.

Laura and Rachel were really excited this year and bickered over who was going to ring the door bell. Rachel really was in Tinkerbell form and kept pretending she could actually fly. They also thought they were pretty hot stuff because I put makeup on them for fun.

I'm dreading taking down the halloween decorations because I will be sad to see it go. I don't have any Thanksgiving decorations besides some pumpkins that we didn't carve. I did print a Keep Calm and Gobble sign off a blog that someone shared as a freebie that I will frame. I never bought any mums because plants die about a week later under my care. I'm horrible with flowers..... But that's ok because soon I will be dragging out come Christmas decorations! I have already had some people at work asking me what I am crafting for Christmas, and sadly I just don't have any ideas just yet.... Hoping I will see some cool ideas on some blogs soon.

I think I have just about recovered from my melt down the other day and I appreciate the nice comments. It really did help me feel not so alone, and not feel so crazy. I realize now that I am burning the candle at both ends too much. My softball games are almost over for this season, and I am pretty sure that I will not be play softball this coming spring, as it will be the easiest thing to give up. Tonight I had a late night at work and all I wanted to do was come home and spend time with my kiddos, but I had to change clothes and leave right away for my game. And I have to do that two more nights this week... But in all seriousness, I really, really, really, really, just want to sit down my 90 some year old grandmother and ask her, how in the world did she keep such a tidy house, have such awesome homemade meals for her family each night, keep up with the laundry and iron EVERYTHING, all while not owning a dishwasher and other nifty inventions. Oh to be a 50's housewife.

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