Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas has crept over....

This weekend we bought our Christmas tree, I had planned on getting it from Costco, as the prices were stellar so that excited me.... However they were al wrapped up, and the workers didn't want us to unwrap them, so basically they wanted people to buy them without seeing what your getting... Not happening.... So we went back to the tree lot we have been going to since we spent our first Christmas in our house. If the tree falls this year (it fell last year), then I am done with real trees. I love the way they look, smell etc, but I can't have a tree fall again or I will need to be medicated. Last year our Angel tree topper bit the dust from the fall, so I stuck a punch of picks up there and I really do like the look...We didn't lose to many ornaments from the fall thank goodness...Our ornaments are just a collection of ones that my parents collected for me when I was little, and that I later got into collecting myself after my dad bought me a tree for my room when I was 13. My husband also had a collection that his grandparents bought for him every year. I look forward to seeing all of the ornaments each year.
As you can also see, I learned how to make collages with pictures, so beware in advance I will probably use this method for a while.... It's a time saver... I made them with Picasa 3.


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