Thursday, November 18, 2010

Santa Visit

My husband thanks his lucky stars that we live within driving distance of a Bass Pro Shop. It's a neat place, and the kids love going to see the displays, and huge fish tank. Bass Pro Shop started having Santa come for about 3 years now, and the last 3 years we have gone. It's actually really nice. If you go on a weekend or closer to Christmas you will have a wait. We ventured up there Monday night to stay a quick hello to Santa, and were able to just walk on up and take our time with Santa. He's a pretty swell looking Santa Claus, AND they take free pictures. There's also a few crafts you can do, or you could play free games.

Our Santa visit was pretty nice. Emily, our youngest hid behind me the whole time, but Laura and Rachel enjoyed seeing him (Rachel forgot to tell him a few things, so she has asked to go back). I took a few pictures of the girls while were were there, and outside with my own camera. They looked so cute in their Christmas dresses! These are the dresses I purchased off Etsy a while back. I will probably use these pictures for our Christmas card this year that I am making with Shutterfly.



Readings, Recipes and Rambles said...

Hi Robyn,
I have been following your blog!! You mentioned getting your xmas card with shutterfly.....look at my can get 50 free cards from shutterfly if you blog about it. It really works, they sent me my coupon yesterday!!!

Lindsey@ Harpersville Home said...

So cute! Would you share where you got the cute dresses from?