Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Cards...

Christmas is right around the corner...I have not done nearly enough shopping yet, and the house is far from being decorated, BUT I have our Christmas card just about picked out! One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting Christmas cards in the mail. My favorite one's are always the one's with photo's. I know some people find it hard to make time to make one, but Shutterfly makes it soooo easy for you! Just take a peek of all the options you can pick from: HERE The designs are to die for! You can have folded cards, flat cards, all kinds of different sizes, your options are just a click away!

I have used Shutterfly in the past to make baby annoucements for my second born. I gave birth to my 2nd child when my first born was just 12 months old, and let me tell you I really appreciated how quick and easy it was to design an impressive card while caring for two babies.

Right now I am debating between one of Shutterfly's options of a collage card such as this one:

If I can find a good one of all of us I'd love to use this style:

While I am at it, I plan to also order make a photo calender of the girls for my husband's grandmother. Check out all their options HERE

Another option for an awesome grandparent gift would be to make a photo mug from Shutterfly's website.

One thing is for sure, since Shutterfly is being so awesome and giving bloggers 50 free cards for blogging about them, I will have more money in my Christmas budget this year to get those special gifts! If your a blogger too, there is still time to get this wonderful deal, just go to this website


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