Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yesterday my oldest had a Thanksgiving Feast at her school, and I got to go and help. Of course this meant Laura got to wear her new Thanksgiving dress that we got from Love it when they offer smocked dresses because they are always at great prices! Anyways, all the girls played around for me outside and I took pictures. Emily even gave me a smile, that's a victory!

So back to the Thanksgiving Feast. They had all of the four year old classes doing it today,roughly 50 kids. Earlier that day the kids had made some of the food (Laura's class made a fruit salad) The parents met in the church kitchen to prep the rest of it, (aka heat up chicken nuggests, and put all the fixings on the plates) I got to be a butter person and walk around to eat kid and butter their corn muffin if they wanted some. I had fun and learned that a guy I used to play ball back with in my highschool, has a son in Laura's class. Small world! The kiddos were so cute when they walked in. They all dressed up like Pilgrams or Indians. I was just impressed that Laura get her paper hat on the entire time, and didn't rip that sucker off.

Rachel has her feast next week! Can't wait to see if she's going to be a Pilgram or a Indian!


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