Friday, November 5, 2010

I always have so much fun putting up my halloween decorations....putting them away though is not much fun. While my older two were at school this morning I got busy putting things away. Truth be told I have to purchase another tote to store some of the things I made this year into storage in the attic. I have left up some items that can pass for Thanksgiving decor (pumpkins). I also printed some freebies that were made by a blogger. Go HERE I printed the subway word art one, and the Keep Calm and Gobble On one....

More then likely I will start dragging out Christmas decorations while I am home during Thanksgiving. Give or take a few days... I still can not believe Christmas is almost upon us! Speaking of Christmas my girls thought it was Christmas yesterday as I picked up something off freecycle yesterday that I knew would make them happy.... Not long ago we were at my sisters house and they discovered my nieces Bratz dolls. And it was love at first sight. So when someone offered up a crazy amount of the dolls, accessories, clothing, for free, I had to grab them up for the girls. Yes those things are ugly, but my girls have not stopped smiling since I brought them home.

This weekend I have plans to take my wee ones to a fall festival held at our local pool, do oodles and and oodles of laundry, attempt to make a mesh wreath if I can find massive rolls of mesh., and catch up on an extra hour of sleep.


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