Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Girls are Mean

I hate going back and reading posts from when I was pregnant. I was such a mean biatch. Hormones I guess. Apparently I was also a mean biatch to people in highschool sometimes too. Maybe I can blame that on hormones too lol. I recently got in touch with a old friend from 9th grade. The school I was at, at the time was 8th-12th. It was small, and had lots of drama. When I look back I just remember having a ton of fun. I will spare the details since my mom reads this blog. The guy I am back in touch with was an 8th grader. We were friends, and because I was tomboy I actually played on the schools baseball team. Yes baseball with boys. I was good though people and could hang with them just fine. So this guy was also on the team, and we were JUST Friends. I went to homecoming with him that year, and it was actually my first dance in which we did the whole corsage deal, and had dates. I never liked him more then a friend, and basically I just wanted to go to the dance. This guy also has this issue going on with his face. Stop laughing. For a very long time he just thought he had really bad chapped lips, so he would layer on this cherry chapstick, and even put it around the outside of his lips too, so he kinda looked like this chapped clown. After a very long time he finally went to a doctor and got that crap taken care of. Years later he shot up in height, and turned out actually quite good looking. He got picked on a lot for the whole lip issue thing that year.

So out of nowhere he sent me a message saying he found some old note I wrote him back while cleaning out his old room at his parents house , and just wanted to say hi. I messaged him back and told him hello and asked what the heck I wrote in the note. I figured it was just the usual notes all the kids wrote back in the day. My school was huge into passing notes. I didn’t think it would be anything bad or off the wall. Apparently, he now has evidence that I was a big meanie. He replied back with this:

"ha, well it was really mean actually. Here's a quote from you: "you are just what everyone says you are; a immature, little dork, herpe lip, pain in the ass. Lose my phone # and don't ever talk to me or look at me again." Then you drew a picture of a face with a big red scribble above the top lip.
Damn that was mean. I should send the guy some flowers or something lol.



Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Daaammmmnnn! I thought I was mean. Well, I was but at least nobody has called me on it 16 yrs. later! 3 letters F.T.D!

Three under Three said...

I know right! I should be glad he's normal and doing good,and not some crazy with a hit list with my name at the top... but just to be safe I sent him a HUGE apology over it! said...

LOL! OOPS maybe I shouldn't laugh!

I almost did a post with the same title today!

Veronica said...

Damn, girls got sass. I would be flattered that he kept the note all these years (flattered or creeped out).