Saturday, September 19, 2009


* Rachel had school yesterday, and it was her first day dropped off without parent. She wasn't scared a bit, and went into the classroom without any issues, and could have cared less that some kids were crying for all they were worth. I am so glad she likes it.

* I didn't post any pictures on this blog from Emily's party because I posted a bunch on facebook, and I digital scrapped some for my other blog, so if you want to check them out, look me up on facebook or check out the other blog.

* Yesterday evening Emily had her one year pictures done by the photographer that I did the year package thing with... (yes I know I did 1 years at the picture people too, but hey )If your local and pregnant, you have to do his baby package... awesome deal... This was the last session as part of of my package, and we went to Yorktown beach. He did a bunch of Emily, and then did a few of the whole family. I plan on getting a large one of the family, and hopefully I like them enough to do Christmas cards witht them.

* I had told myself earlier this past summer I would work out, tone up, and look all spiffy for this picture.

* Instead I gained 5lbs. Yikes! I did however go jogging the night before the picture for hope of a miracle, but really, who am I kidding... Don't get excited, I only went half a mile, but I thought I was going to die... I didn't have my music, and I didn't have a jogging bra on, so it was a blessing I made it half a mile. I am sure I looked akward running while using my forearms to hold down my boobs.

* I am going to start working out more, step one is to buy new batteries for my Wii remotes, as they are all dead, and I have been too lazy this summer to replace.

* After all the fuss on the blogs about how awsome Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte's are I broke down and bought one several weeks ago. I wasn't that impressed, and I recently tried 711's version of it, and let's just say, it put's Starbucks to shame, and is about 3 dollars cheaper... Super yummy...

* I am craving a pumpkin log. I have only had one and that was about 7 years ago at college... a girl made one for some party thing, and I am attempting to track her down for the sole purpose of getting the recipe, which is really sad... and surely wont help me in my venture to lose weight.


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