Friday, September 11, 2009

Today Miss Rachel had her first offical day of class... it was just for one hour, and parents had to attend with their children, and they also did the class in shifts so only 6 were there at a time... but hey, slow and steady I guess. Rachel was very excited! She woke up this morning pumped about it, and wanted to leave for school at 7am. She wasn't excited though to wear this cute dress with flip flops smocked on it.... It wasn't worth the battle, so I gave her some options, and she picked this apple dress, which crazy enough is the same dress Laura wore for her first day last year.
Dave was off today, and he asked if he could go with her, since I am doing all the helper days this year, and since I also took her to meet the teacher. I was cool with it, but it didn't stop me from crying in the driveway as they left. She sat there with a huge smile on her face waving from her seat, and was just so excited to be going to school, and I just wanted to grab her from the car and keep her home. I can't believe how much she's grown up... I also made Dave take the camera and promise lots of pictures. The report I got after they got back was she did fine. She got a little shy when the teacher was talking to her, but apparently the teacher was discussing Chickfila with someone and that got Rachel excited , so she shouted "Cow???" Also they had icecream today for a special snack, and during prayer, Rachel attempted to stand up on the table in front of everyone. Hahaha.
I am proud of her, and I hope when I take her next week for her first class by herself she will be just as brave, and have a blast!



Cher said...

It looks like she had a lot of fun today! She looked so cute, too! Those little ladies are growing upway too fast!!

Jenny said...

She looks soooo happy! Sweet girl!