Monday, September 7, 2009

Back From Luray, Va

This summer while I was super stressed with work drama, Dave took it upon himself to try to plan something for me to look forward to. What a man! We went off to Luray, Va, which is specifically out in BFE. Our 6 year anniversary was Sunday, so this was a nice weekend to get away. Luray is in the mountains, about 30 min away from Harrisonburg, Va. We stayed at Gander Island cabins, which is basically just two cabins on this farm right on the river. The cabins are new, and from just looking at the outside of the other one, are probably identical. They were really nice inside. We had Direct TV, our own hottub outside, a nice deck with a pretty view and rocking chairs. Our plans included a tubing trip which Dave told me would take 3 hours (ended up taking 5 lol), and I wanted to go hiking, and maybe see the caverns. We only ended up doing the tubing haha. The tubing took a lot longer then expected, though it was a blast. We brought a cooler with drinks, but didn't think to bring any food, so by the time we were done with that we were pretty tired and just wanted to eat. We mainly just hung out around the cabin and drove around looking at all the pretty sights.
We already want to go back, and next time (though I really, really, really enjoyed a break from the kids) we want to bring the girls, because they would have loved it. I think Laura and Rachel would love tubing. I also think they would love seeing the Caverns. We will most certainly be going back, and will be staying where we stayed this time most likely since we know it's not a dump.
After the relaxing weekend, I have to crack down and prepare for a busy month... The girls have started preschool, which is exciting but kinda a pain in the butt, as the school does a slow tranistion period with shorter classes at first, and parents tagging a long to ease melt downs in the begining.... Because of that I am only working 2 days this week. We also start some gymnastic classes again, having a small family birthday for Emily, etc etc etc. Trust me, my calender overwhelms me and stresses me out.
I do have the inside of the house decorated for halloween, and most of the porch. I am attempting to get caught up on cleaning the inside before we have Emily's party.... My MIL made me feel better about my house though, She asked if we have someone that cleans our house ( we have not had anyone is 2 years, damn I miss that) because she doesn't know how we keep our house so clean with three. Apparently she either thinks I do a good job, or maybe after watching them this weekend she thinks they are monsters. Anyways, it made me feel better, because seriously, all I do is pick up all freaking day when I am home, and I still never feel like I accomplish anything.



Jenny said...

So glad y'all had a great weekend away. It looks beautiful there! I've started the Halloween decorating too-Lovin' it! said...

That sounds so wonderful. I love the idea of the cabin and tubing. Makes me really want to have a getaway...RIGHT NOW :)

Happy Anniversary!

Hope the transition to preschool goes well.