Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last post on it before I start a blog devoted to it...

(page above is a page I did on my grandparent's 70th wedding anniversary)

I am pretty sure I will be starting a digital scrapbook blog, but until I do that please bear with me as I do another post on digital scrapbooking. The new digital sofware from Creative Memories just came out... It's the 3.0 version. No I do not have it ... YET. For me to upgrade from what I have now would be under $10. I am sure within time I will upgrade, but I am fine with what I have now.

Anyways, if you are looking for a program that is user friendly, cheap, I highly recommend their program. The new program hot of the market costs $64.95 if your new and not upgrading. You can either download from their site, or order the disk and upload. There is a free download,but skip over it and get the story book creator plus. The free download wont let you do cool things, it's a waste of your time, even if your new to scrapbooking.

For $64.95 you get the software that you can use with any digital scrapbooking stuff , not just CM, you also get some free content/packages. It's seriously a great bargain. Just do it. I am an digital addict now, and from what I have read even people who didn't care of traditional scrapbooking try this out and get hooked because it's so easy and you can do amazing stuff.

One thing I love about CM's website is all the ideas and freebies they have daily for digital scrapbookers. Every day I am excited to check out what freebies are out there.


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