Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why I am fat.

More recepies for things I am making for the party....

Apple Dip

1 brick of cream cheese

3/4 cup brown sugar

3/4 cups toffee bits

1 teaspoon vanilla

Mix all, let chill and then serve with apples. Soak/dip your apple slices in pineapple juice to keep them from turning brown.

Scarf and gain 5lbs. You will want to lick the bowl. Try not to do this. Also, don't keep telling yourself it's healthy cause of the apples.

(this receipe came from a scrapbooking buddy, I can't take credit)


2 cans cranberry sauce

3 bottles bbq sauce ( because I am cheap I buy whatever is on sale. I think I used store brand for the party tonight)

1 jar cocktail onions (found near the olives usually)

bag of meatballs (which you should always buy from costco cause they are super cheap)

put cranberry sauce in crock pot then dump in frozen meatballs. However many your crockpot will hold. Drain liquid from onion jar, and then dump in cocktail onions. Pour bbq sauce on top. Let cook for several hours... time depends on your crock pot. I know not very exact but you can't mess it up- promise. Stir from time to time to mix up all the goodness. When the meatballs are hot and cooked, then its done.


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