Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have to be at work on friday , so I decieded to take off today in it's place. I had a few errands to run in the morning (post office, bank), and decieded I would take the kids to Deer Park to play on the playground for being patient enough for running around with me. It sounded like a good plan at least. We were the only ones at the playground, and after 10 min I was attempting to feed Emily while letting Rachel and Laura play around. They go to this park a lot with my parents, and I was taking note on how safe the playground was, lot's of thick rubbery stuff, and smooth mulch, disabled child friendly, etc etc. Suddenly Laura fell somehow near the sliding board area, and I see blood. I quickly tried to see if she had a scrape, knocked out tooth, or what, but there was a lot of blood, so much I almost grabbed them all and ran to the ranger station to call 911 or something. Of course this is the one day I leave my cell phone at home...

The bleeding slowed/stopped, and I was able to see she had a nasty laceration under her chin. I got them all in the car asap, and Laura had stopped crying, and was acting fine, so I decieded it would be better if I ran my other two kids home to my parents since we were not far and Laura was ok, and then take her to the ER. Believe me, if it was that bad, I would have gone directly to the ER without a doubt. Instead of taking her to Riverside, which is my hospital of choice, I decieded to take her to Port Warwick's ER, figuring it would be a lot quicker. It was a good choice, and we didn't have to wait for hours and hours. I called Dave who left work and met us up there, and waited with us. Laura was so brave, and acting fine, and had a snack from the lobby while we waited for the verdict. Her booboo required 5 stitches, and it took Dave,myself, and another nurse to hold her down while they sewed up her chin. They numbed her up good where she didn't feel it, but she was pretty scared, and I was blubbering and trying not to pass out from being able to see up her chin.

This was Laura's first big boo-boo, and her first visit to the ER. Though I was scared to death, I handled this much better then Rachel's trip to the ER. For the record I was pregnant at the time, and when let's just say I should have been admited to behavioral health during my pregnancies. For a recap click here


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Bama Girl in AZ said...

oh, so sorry to hear about her boo boo! I hope ya'll are doing ok now!