Monday, June 8, 2009

Wii Active....

I love our Nintendo Wii. I like cheesy games, and I love the hands on effect. I got the Wii Fit from Dave late summer, and that has been fun too. The Yoga program is very good, and everyone knows I am super obsessed with the step class stuff. Just makes me feel all coordinated when I get those perfects for keeping the pace lol. The balance games are cute, not sure of the actual benefit I am getting from that though, and the strength training I just skip over lol.

Recently at Costco (duh) I bought the new Wii Active. My local costco had it for 51.56 and it comes with everything you need. The game, knee strap, and resistance band. I am in middle of the 30 day challenge that Bob Green put together (he's not just Oprah's pal you know). They have some cool websites with reviews, etc about it that you should check out

I have done three complete workouts, and you will be feeling it the next day. This is far better then the Wii Fit. I have way too many squats then I have wanted to do in my life. You pick your trainer, I went with the male, and I named him Xxavier, and we are best friends for life. (He totally wants to date me.) The program gives you rest days, and today is actually a rest day for me, but I do have softball games tonight, so not sure if it will be quite the rest I need, but considering I put away almost 10 s'mores last night, I need to keep active.

If you have a Wii, and want a fun upbeat but butt beating workout, get this. You wont be sorry.


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Veronica said...

I think I have a crush on xxavier