Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is it the weekend yet?

* Laura had her stitches taken out yesterday, and it went well. No drama with that at all… hopefully we don’t have anymore ER visits anytime soon…

* My job is stressing me out as everyone has different ideas on how to handle the consolidation of centers, and I just want the head honcho to say do it a certain way, so everyone can shut up and just get on it with it, instead of 3 different bosses saying what they want done. You totally think this would be organized and headed up by the important folks, but it’s not. Side note, I am not even worrying about the 40 hour thing ‘cause if I am forced to do it I will just seek a new job. I totally sound a like bratty biatch, but whatever. I may or may not have announced a plan to become a fire fighter while at Plaza last week... Giggle at me all you want. Hopefully my days with playing with fire in the woods, or "other" background checks hinder my application haha.

*If I read another blog entry about some skinny girl who says "I eat whatever I want" and then goes on to list their typical day as coffee for breakfast, nuts or a few crackers for lunch, and then some teeny dinner, I will refer you to eating disorders group.

*The above bullet just secretly means I am feeling self conscious about all the CRAP I am eating. Though I am active, working out, and popping my Alli, nothing is going to help my fat behind if I keep eating like it’s my last meal.



Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Does this help: For breakfast I had some hotcakes from McDs & the rest of a Oreo blizzard. Snack-cheese puffs & Snickers w/ almonds & Cherry Coke. Lunch-huge ceasar salad w/ grilled chic & fries, sweet tea. Supper? Fried fish, I think.

Three under Three said...

sounds yummy.... my type of day for sure lol

Beav's Wife said...

I eat whatever I want, for real...let's see: for breakfast, creamer and sugar w/ a little coffee, kids leftovers for lunch, snack and dinner and excedrin migraine for lil' pick me ups throughout the day. Oh wait, that's not what I want, that's just what I have time for in order to KEEP MY FREAKING SANITY! I hate freaking skinny people.

Jennifer said...

I'm a bratty biatch too, who eats what I want and dosen't care who's watching! said...

Hi there!

Things are getting back to normal here following my own not so much fun ER/ICU time!

I read back on your blog and saw that your poor little girl had an accident...i am so sorry to hear that! But glad she is on the mend!

Ok! LOVE my new flip flops! Not only are they adorable, but SOOOO comfy! I have never thought of trying to go for comfort with a flip flop, but you have spoiled me and now I will never go back to thin and painful again :)

Sounds like you are having a great summer so far. I love the beach!