Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Late Father's Day Post...

Dave was working on Father's Day this year. Poor guy. I was a huge slacker and sorta waited until the last moment to get gifts for the father's in our life. Father's Day morning I had my dad take me to Lowe's in which I had planned on getting Dave a big grill. He has been talking about these new grills that do both charcoal and gas. They only carry one of those types at Lowe's and wouldn't you have guessed they were sold out... The ever helpful Lowe's man offered to sell me the display model, but informed me that it was missing 2-3 parts... umm yeah... good luck selling that buddy.... Actually, I was kinda relieved they didn't have the grill. It looked really cheap, the brand was sketchy too. I decieded to just get a regular charcoal grill and then get Dave something else to go with it. I figured we never have charcoal grilled before no sense in getting a dual thing until we know if we like it. I decieded to also get Dave the Itouch, as this way he can leave mine the hell alone now lol.

Dave was really happy with his gifts. I offered him the receipt in case he wanted to take back the grill and wait until the dual one came in. He says he has thought it over and thinks it would be smarter to just get a really nice gas grill eventually, and have the seperate charcoal grill. We used the charcoal grill yesterday for dinner and it was soooo yummy. We just did burgers, but wow, they tasted really good.

Anyways, Father's Day morning and afternoon was spent with my dad, and then we did steaks at my sisters house, and I was able to see my granddaddy. That evening when Dave came home we went to his parents and grilled out again as well, and played a lot of cornhole. So that was our father's day in a nut shell. Dave is such a good father and husband. I love how involved he is with his girls, they love him so much. I am also glad to still have my dad and grandfather around to celebrate with, and appreciate everything they have done for me. Speaking of which my grandfather and grandmother are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary this week! My parents are having a small family party for them Friday.... so my question for blog readers are what in the heck do you get a couple that has been married for 70 years????? That is certainly something to celebrate!


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oh darn, my idea will take too long...those books that you upload pix to, personalize, and publish blew my parents out of the water for their 50th.

We used Picaboo, they did a fabulous job.

Glad you got to enjoy all of the father's in your life.