Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday thoughts....

*So the Michael Jackson thing-crazy....Honestly I think it's odd that everyone is so upset when just a few days ago we all thought he was a weirdo and would never let him near our kids. With that said I did totally download a bunch of his songs today.

* I go back to work Monday after a doc appt in the morning. Yes I was called two more times at home by the boss lady, but I am over it now as my other boss caught wind of it and said she wasn't going to use my vacation hours because of it saying that wasn't very fair. Can I get a what what!!

* I am about to attempt to start dieting again- starting Monday after my physical lol.

* Dave and I are going out tomorrow on a date, and we have a new sitter we are going to try out. It's a girl on my softball team, and I am hopeful she and my kids will get a long great!

* I jumped off the diving board several times yesterday at the pool, and man I totally forgot how fun that sucker is... I will be jumping off of it all summer probably now, and making people snicker at me.



Beav's Wife said...

You're hilarious. I'm totally w/ you on the MJ stuff-I'm so sick of it and its only been like 24 hours! Happy Date Nite! said...

hope today went well with the return to work and the d-word ;)