Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flip Flop Swap and catching up...

Semi-Slacker mom held another swap and this time the theme was flip flops. My partner was
http://wifemomnurse.blogspot.com/ and she sent me these super cute flops flops. Let me tell ya, Julie did a great job, as I love them. The bows are adorable! Check out her blog and send her get well wishes as she has been ill lately.

**A big development this week is that our neighborhood pool will be opening up during the week starting Thursdays. It has only been open on weekends until the schools here get out, and finally they are out which means we can hit the pool on my days off, and after work, and of course the normal weekends. This excites me greatly.

**I am need a hair cut and a high lite something fierce. I am attempting to grow out my hair, as I have never had it much longer then past my shoulders EVER, and I figure its now or never as the older you get the less long hair looks good.

**I made a super informative discovery today after talking to a friend who has had plastic surgury here in my town locally. I had been planning a tummy tuck once the kids got older (not sure who the hell was going to pay for it, but that was my plan) I wanted to wait until they got older to give me a chance to lose more weight, firm up more, and figure the kids need to be a bit more independent as chances are noone is going to feel sorry for me for having elective surgury and help me take care of the kids. HOWEVER, a friend was telling me she was going to have a tummy tuck until she saw lipo before and after pics, and she was very happy with her results. Lipo sure is heck a lot more afordable then a tummy tuck and the recovery is soooo much easier. Good to know my friends, and it's worth looking into....

** I am sooo glad True Blood is back on HBO. I love me some Vampire Bill, even a bit more then Edward Cullen. I'd trade places with Sookie any day and let him bite me. If you don't have HBO it looks like the first season is on DVD now.

**After being around a lof of Mom's of teenagers lately who keep communication open, I vow to be a mom like that to my girls when they get older. Not saying I want to be their best friends as that is crossing the line, but I just think it is really awesome hearing about teens who can really talk to their parents about issues. My parents were great and all but I couldn't talk to them at all. Not that I blame them as I don't think anyone in their generation really did that. I think that generation just believes in bottling everything up, which is just totally sad and depressing. Total random thought I know.

** The husband has been living in the garage lately, as he has gotten into making Corn Hole boards. Whatever keeps him happy!



Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I love the flip flops & the pedi. Don't you just love Julie!?!

And thanks for the lipo info.

Beav's Wife said...

Somehow I accidentally deleted SSM's blog from my reader list...this happened to another one too. I'm bummed I missed out!

wife.mom.nurse said...

Hi Robyn!

Those are cute! And your pedicure looks awesome. Gotta love summer!
Thanks for the kind words :)

A tummy tuck is a big committment. That's great you have someone in town who is doing terrific lipo. will save you a ton of $ and recovery.

My girl is 10 and we are doing well so far, i do pray it lasts through the teen years, those are tough on everyone!!!