Thursday, April 21, 2011

Giles Family Confessions...

*Dave came home from work yesterday morning, saw a turtle in the yard, and wanted to show us all when I came home from work. He put it in a cardboard box outside, and in the evening when he went to show us the turtle was dead. He swears it was alive when he put it in the box. Poor guy was so excited for the kids to see it, but instead now we have to have a funeral for it lol.

*I had a dinner out with friends yesterday, and I got there early so I went in Ann Taylor Loft attempting to find a dress for Easter for myself. No bueno. I usually love Ann Taylor Loft, but everything in there was just not me. AND all of their dresss looked like something you would wear as a beach cover up. This either means, 1. I waiting entirely too long to find a dress or 2. I am really old and unfashionable. Either way I am not going to hunt around anymore, I will just wear something I already have. All that matters is that my girls will be looking cute in their new dresses.

*Last year I discovered Chipotle. They have the yummiest food! Prior to that I was watching Oprah, and the man who started it was on, and they were talking about how everything is organic and high quality, etc etc. So I reasoned that because of that everything was calorie/fat free, and proceeded to eat giant burritos for lunch every day for a week. While on my latest diet mission I am not going near that place.

*I have plans to force my husband into playing cornhole with me all weekend long if the weather will work with me. Friday it's going to be coldish, so Saturday better be fantastic!

*I am having a debate with myself if I should get my older two new bikes now, or wait until Christmas. They have bikes now, but Rachel's is getting too small for her. Her legs are crazy long. Part of me thinks that I need to wait until they can ride a bike without training wheels, and part of me feels I need to give in and get them new bikes now. In all honesty they probably could learn to ride without training wheels this summer as I was this age when I learned, and my nephews learned younger then that so it can be done. But the thing is after buying cheap bikes for them from Target and what not, we have seen first hand that the quality is crap. They really need new bikes now, but the nice ones from bike shops cost more, and I rather spend more money on something like that at Christmas or birthday, but then again those holidays are in winter, and who really wants to ride bikes in winter? And no the Easter bunny is not buying bikes for Easter. Let's not set the bar that high for future Easters....

*Despite my toe nail looking all pitiful from the the chair injury, I am going to have to give in and get a pedicure soon, as I can not take having Fred Flinstone feet any longer. This gives me anxiety, as I know all the workers in there are going to have a field day talking about my toe in their native languages.


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Lindsey O. said...

The pedicure comment is priceless. "Native" languages. haaaahahaha. I'm constantly wondering if they are talking about my feet to each other !!!